I am receiving a lot of mail regarding public lands and a balanced budget amendment resolution.  Unfortunately most of the mail is in the form of standard letters that are sent via some organization's websites (I am guessing).  My legislative computer perceives those as "spam," and puts them in the quarantine box.  Unless I pull them out of the quarantine box I can't see who they are from.  I have tried to do this, but it takes a lot of time and this month is getting pretty busy.  So if you're my constituent, and you want to email me about one of those issues (or any other issue) please write me a brief note, and don't use the "Send your legislator mail" feature from these organizations.  Thanks!




The main reasons for the renovation project are to:

--Add a fire suppression system to the Capitol
--Improve the emergency evacuation routes
--Bring the building up to ADA compliance
--Update the HVAC and electrical systems
--Bring the plumbing up to code
--Make the committee rooms larger so more than 20 members of the public can fit in each room
--Repair the exterior masonry (some is 125 years old)
--Replace the central utility plant that serves 5 buildings
--Bring the Herschler Building up to code and ADA requirements
--Replace the aging infrastructure in Herschler (current annual maintenance costs of $150,000)
--Resolve condensation and leakage in Herschler walls and windows
--Reduce costs for leasing space from the private sector. (This one is more controversial, because landlords like the income and don't want the State to own office space--I'd be glad to hear your comments.)

Photo:  Hugh Carey, Wyoming Tribune Eagle

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​Wyoming has seen a significant downturn in revenue for school funding.  Here is a link to a report identifying some possible new sources of revenue and some possible cuts in school funding.  If you would like to contribute some input, please read the report and email your comments or ideas to the link at the end of the report.


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House District 7 is in the northwest part of Laramie County, Wyoming. It covers about 880 square miles, and goes from apartment complexes to cattle ranches. The Laramie County Clerk's office has maps of the District, along with instructions for voter’s registration and polling places.

After visiting more than 2000 homes during my 2012 campaign, and over 1200 homes in 2016, I can confidently say that there are a lot of wonderful people in House District 7.

Representing northern cheyenne & laramie county

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P.O. Box 21035, Cheyenne, WY  82003

Tips for contacting me:

Email works better than the phone.  If you have a particular question that you want answered I will flag your email and answer within a few days (unless we're in session--then it might take longer).  If you are just sharing your thoughts I will  file your email under the specific topic.  I have separate folders for constituents and people from the rest of Wyoming, so if you don't include your full name and address then your email will go in the second group.

Also note:  Sometimes issue-oriented organizations may provide you with a standard letter to mail to your legislator.  When my email box receives 50 or 100 of the same letter in the course of a few days, the email system starts to identify them as "spam," and re-routes them automatically.  I try to check my spam/junk box periodically to find letters from my constituents, but you should be aware that I am more likely to receive and read your letter if you write your own message.

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